About VMU FirstClass

The collaboration system of OpenText FirstClass is used for communication among the community members of Vytautas Magnus University and dissemination of information. At the moment VMU FirstClass has about 15000 registered users: students, teachers and graduates. There are about 3000 official (information, discussion, distance learning) conferences which can be viewed/seen by faculty or course students and staff who have assigned permissions. VMU FirstClass users usually connect to the system via FirstClass client programs.

    In addition to FirstClass client programs standard WWW browsers as well as POP3 and IMAP4 mail programs can be used. It is possible to connect to the system using the following addresses:

  • fcp://fc.vdu.lt - for Windows, Mac OSX systems using FirstClass client programs;
  • http://fcws.vdu.lt - for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile using FirstClass Go mobile client programs;
  • https://fcws.vdu.lt - for standard browsers from personal computers and mobile devices;
  • http://fc.vdu.lt - for standard browsers from personal computers (old FirstClass interface);
  • http://mobile.vdu.lt - for mobile phone browsers. It is a simplified version of user interface for small screens;
  • http://fcim.vdu.lt - interface for the blind suitable for screen reader programmes;
  • fcss.vdu.lt - the server address for synchronisation calendars and address books for mobile devices.

LDAP server is configured on the basis of FirstClass Users Directory. With the help of this server, User ID and password are used for authorised work with library computers, connection to University Wi-Fi network in Eduroam zones, authorized connection to Students’ forum, Teachers’ forum, Moodle server and IT support service.

Every user has a possibility to design their personal websites using modern services (blog, podcast, etc.) which can be accessed via FirstClass Users Directory. FirstClass enables users to publish information on WWW easily either writing a message to the conference or uploading HTML files into specific field. Users are able to synchronize personal FirstClass calendars and address books as well as shared ones with their mobile devices.

If you wish to edit, compile FirstClass documents and fully use the potential of the FirstClass, you will have to install and use FirstClass client program.

Please devote several minutes to watch short (Eng., Lith. 1-2 min.) video lessons, which show all the necessary functions of FirstClass. Please check a new FirstClass user interface version 12. .

If you have any questions about the usage of VMU FirstClass, please contact system administrator