Installation of FirstClass Client program on Windows platform version 16.013

To install FirstClass Client program on the Windows platform press here. Download and start FirstClass Client installation file and then follow the instructions.

  • Connecting to FirstClass server. Start FirstClass Client program pressing the icon on the Desktop. FC
    FirstClass server name has to be indicated in the start-up window on the line Server. If server name is not indicated you have to do it yourself (see info below). Enter your User ID and Password and press Login button or Enter key.

  • FirstClass server instruction. If this is the first time you installed FirstClass Client program or you wish to set up connection for another server or for other connection parameters, press fc, button Setup and in the opened window in the field Server write down the name of the server Press Save button to save the settings. If you wish, you can write down and save your User ID in the field User ID.

  • For more information about installation you can watch a video lesson using the link

FirstClass client program is very convenient for communication, cooperation and usage of conferences and calendars. You can access all these things with one easy solution. FirstClass client program is optimized for quick and secure connection with the FirstClass server.

You can find more information as well as other versions of FirstClass client program for different operating systems on the website OpenText FirstClass.

Pay attention that different user interfaces can use different server names:

Client programs for other user platforms Addresses for logging on VMU server
You can download FirstClass GO client program for Android, iPhone™, iPod touch®, iPad® , Windows Mobile or Windows Surface from iTunes, Google Play , Windows App Store. Search under the word FirstClass FirstClass.
Old FirstClass mobile client program for iPhone™, iPod touch® or iPad® can be downloaded from iTunes or App Store. Search under the word FirstClass.
Old FirstClass mobile client program for Android™ can be downloaded from Google Play or Play Store. Search under the FirstClass.
FirstClass mobile client program for BlackBerry can be downloaded from FirstClass Online.
To download FirstClass client client program for Mac OS press here.
To download FirstClass client client program for Linux press here.